Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday WOW–January 23

I decided to do something a bit different this week.  Rather than go out in the cold I stayed in my nice warm studio.  So today you get to see what’s really on the Worktable!


I am taking an online class (yes, another one!) and spent today sculpting with polymer clay.  This is how things looked when I started.  How about we zoom in on one of those heads?


Oh my goodness!  Doesn’t she/he/it look awful?  Well, I never said I was doing well in this class.  LOL!  Actually, this is not anywhere near being finished.  Remember, this is where I started today.


See?  Isn’t that much better?  I think so and I am encouraged by the amount of progress so far.  I am learning some neat tricks for working with the clay and – perhaps most important – patience for making small adjustments at a time.


And this is how the table looked at the end of the day.  You can ignore that green paper with the photo of a doll.  It doesn’t have anything to do with this project.  I tend to get different projects mixed together when I’m in the midst of things.  When it gets too confusing, I’ll stop and have a good clean-up.  Just not yet. 

I’m having such a good time!  Can’t wait to start on the next lesson!


Annie said...

Glad to see she's in the hands of a good plastic surgeon! I'll be watching her progress!

Orice said...

Oh goody! Another doll forthcoming. Thanks for visiting my blog and now you can go back and check out the doll I've finally finished today. The first one in years!

Orice said...

Yes, Liz. I love yielding again to the lure of cloth creations.Now I too have a stack of "wanna does" awaiting me. I've also taken to doing Soul Collage, drawing and painting--along with playing oodles of piano.Such fun to be an artist.