Sunday, January 6, 2013

Serendipity Sunday–Twist Clockwise

Today’s folding was challenging to say the least!  The instructions in this book have been really easy to follow so far, so perhaps I missed reading an important step.  It wouldn’t be the first time!!


My first attempt went pretty well, but I really had no idea how I got there.  So I tried again. . . and again. . . and again!


It took me an hour to get the second one right.  No kidding!  I re-read the instructions several times and even tried a paper version.  I even partially unfolded the first one to see if that would help.  I nearly gave up, too, but I couldn’t do that.  What would I post about if I gave up?!  But eventually, I figured out how to do it.


Feeling a little wary, I tried a third time.  This one took only about two minutes to finish!  Hooray!  Now, I’m feeling cocky, so I made a couple more.  No reason to stop now, right?


Well, I wound up with a fairly nice looking 9-patch block, but it was really a trial to sew the blocks together.  When/if I make these again, I will secure the outer corners (centers are already hand stitched) and take more time to square it all up.  These were incredibly difficult to sew together and I had to redo each one of those four points to line up nicely.

That was exhausting.  Hopefully next week will turn out much easier.  I’m not counting on that, though!

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