Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wednesday WOW–January 2, 2013

We’ve started the New Year with snow in these parts.  Not a lot, but what there is is FROZEN!  Just the right kind of weather to stay indoors and play – er, I mean – work in my studio.


I went for a change of pace today.  No fabric!  Just paper – and glue, paint, stencils, etc., etc.


When finished, these will be cut into dividers for my appointment book.  I’ve been using the same calendar book for many years, but the refills are pretty pricey.  Especially when I write fewer and fewer things on those pages.  Nothing at all for December!  Of course, as soon as I decided to make my own pages, I’ve written something every day.  But that’s another story!


What I really wanted to do, though, was experiment with some of the art materials I’ve ordered lately.  The leaves above are from a stencil that I sprayed with Perfect Pearls (by Ranger).  You can’t see how much they sparkle in the photo.  Too bad.  They are really cool!

I order a lot of my art supplies from Joggles.  Do you know about them?  They send out a weekly newsletter and have been doing weekly videos showing you how to use the products.  Marketing genius!  I watch those videos and want everything!  LOL!  I manage to curb the impulse most of the time, but some things just call to me over the internet!  This was one of them.

Hmmm.  I wonder what this week’s product is.

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