Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Serendipity–Kimonos

This chapter is a little different than the previous ones.  Firstly, these are not flowers!  Also, the folding part is very basic.


The base of this block is pieced.  In this case, triangles were added so the Kimono shape sits “on point.”  They could also be pieced on the square, I think, but the design is more interesting this way.


The fun part is adding the details.  There are two ways to finish the square:  as the front of the kimono, above . . . .


or as the back with a pleated “bow.”  All of the detail pieces are appliqued with the raw edges turned under.  The bow gets a little pleating, but that’s about as intricate as it gets.


There are options for layout into a quilt, too.  This one (above) shows kind of what it would look like if triangles were added to the corners to piece in the usual rows and columns style.  A contrasting color would be used, of course.


I chose to set four of them in this grouping.  It makes an interesting picture from a distance and then gets more interesting as you move closer.  I like it!

This brings us to the end of this book.  There have been some really cute ideas in this one that I’ll probably return to from time to time.  Next week, I’ll choose another book (there are still several!) and we shall see what’s next!  See you then.

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Gina E. said...

You really do find the neatest projects! Thanks for the comment on my blog allowing me to find you again! I have just made something to send you, that I think you will like. It is quite different!