Sunday, March 3, 2013

Serendipity Sunday–A Rose is a Rose

Okay – confession here.  I looked at the next technique in Jennie Rayment’s book and decided I did not want to do that.  Three dimensional objects.  Doesn’t light my fire.  So I turned to the next chapter.  Tucks and triangles.  Um, been there done that – although there was something at the very end that looks interesting.  But maybe later.

Besides, this was calling to me:


I started working on this yesterday, and I decided I really want to finish it!  This is from a foundation-paper piecing pattern by Regina Grewe.  She offered this pattern to celebrate her web site’s anniversary.  The pattern was free . . . with a condition.  You can download two parts of the pattern, but need to send her a picture to get the rest!


So while I was waiting for the full pattern, I made this one:


Now I have two blocks.  Two?  What can I do with two?!  Guess that means I need to make a third one! 


I decided it needed to be a mirror image.  That meant that I had to trace all the lines onto the back of the pattern pieces.  Boy, wasn’t that fun!!!  Eh, not so much.  But it was worth the extra work because take a look I what I have now:


I’ve been longing for a little bit of Spring and this really fits the bill!  Well, there’s still snow on the ground in the real world, but my fantasy world is warming up nicely! 

And next week I’ll be back to folding and tucking along with Jennie R.  Promise.


Anonymous said...

I like these .. and I like the novelty of giving away the pattern in two parts.

Gina E. said...

Beautiful creations as always, Liz:-)