Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday WOW–March 20

I stayed and played at home today.  And for a change of pace – I actually worked on a DOLL!


But first, I had to clean up that awful mess!  I couldn’t find a thing in there.  But, it was good to sort through the scraps, etc.  I let the ideas for clothing the doll mull around in my mind while my hands were busy cleaning.  Doll club had a visiting teacher this month, and this is what we worked on.


She needs a bit more work – little things like, oh, arms!  Oh yeah, she does have a head, but she might prefer it actually at the end of her neck! 


Ears, hair, hat . . . that will all come in its own time.  But she’s well and truly started, and that is all good.

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Kay said...

I'm sure many of us can relate, and hey it was the first of spring and right for spring cleaning, yes? Great doll. Myou will love her around next fall