Sunday, March 31, 2013

Serendipity Sunday–Home Tweet Home

Last week I used textured fabric to make a landscape.  During the week, I would look at it hanging on the wall and think about how it could look better.  I’m afraid it became a bit of an obsession!  So today, I decided I’d better do something about it.


I pulled out some of the hand-dyed scraps from my class with Laura Wasilowski last fall and started cutting.  Once the pieces were fused down, I gathered up a selection of perle cotton thread and sat down to stitch.


I gave the birds some definition and I added flowers here and there.


I decorated the bird house so those birds would have a cozy home.


I made the sun shine bright and warm.


And I planted some crops in the plowed field.  Some kind of grain, I think, so those birds will have plenty to eat.


With all that accomplished, I gave it all a fabric frame (which is green, by the way, although you certainly can’t tell from the photos!) and called it done.

That was a nice little change, but I will be back to folding and tucking with Jennie Rayment next week.  For now, though, I’m giving my hands a rest.  All that stitching wore my fingers right out!

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Kay said...

This,is a charming piece. I like the slight tilt of the birdhouse.