Sunday, March 17, 2013

Serendipity Sunday–Slowing Down

I seem to be losing momentum in these last few chapters.  Perhaps it really is a repeat of earlier experiments.  Close enough that I am feeling less than enthusiastic about the techniques.

I soldiered on, though, with folding triangles and sandwiching into squares.



These two photos were taken at the halfway point.  After making two of these, I stitched them together to get this:


Of course, this is just the basic shape.  The fun part is manipulating the triangles and stitching the edges, etc.  Basically, the same techniques as a lot of the previous work in this book (or books).


I have the triangles refolded into trumpet or kite shapes, but it is just pinned at this point.  As I have time during the next week, I will do the hand stitching and – hopefully – have the finished flower or whatever it is to show you next week.

During the coming week, I also plan to take a look ahead in this book and see if there is anything startingly new or interesting.  If not, then I believe I’ll move on to the next book.

After all, if I am getting bored then I imagine you are all yawning and tuning out as well!  Can’t have that!


Anonymous said...

Not getting bored, and want to see how this block finished up. What are you doing ... trying to keep us in suspense?

Gina E. said...

I'm not tuning out! Just been unwell for a few weeks and not as enthusiastic about things...