Sunday, April 14, 2013

Serendipity Sunday–It’s in the Bag

After cutting and measuring (or rather – measuring then cutting!) the pieces are ready for assembly.



Still assembling.  A couple of tricky bits here and there.


Even the scraps are pretty!  Seems a shame to toss them, but out they go.  My scrap bag(s) are overflowing as it is!


Remember this?  It’s the perfect color combination for this project.  I knew I could find uses for these things!


Voila!  A little scrip bag.  This is a style I’ve not experimented with before.  The top edge of the body has elastic so it can expand to carry a surprising amount of “stuff.”  Or one can just tuck the sides in for a flatter bag.



It’s even got a pocket on the inside for a little organization.  The flap is great for showing off some of those fun pleats and tucks I’ve been learning about.  It would work as a showcase for embroidery or quilting, too. 

That brings me to the end of this particular book.  There are two or three more from this collection about folding and manipulating fabric.  Next week I’ll choose one to continue exploring.  I wonder which one it will be?

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Gina E. said...

Veru cute - and very useful!