Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday WOW–April 17

A dark, rainy, gloomy day.  Perfect for playing –er- working in the studio!


As usual, the worktable is piled high!  You can probably tell I did a lot of cutting and gluing.  Working on that wooden frame.  It’s drying now so I should be able to get a photo of the finished product soon. 


I also did some gluing on the green girl.  Oh.  Just a minute . . .


There she is!  She is also drying now.  I can’t do anything further on these projects until they are completely dry.  Not a problem.  It took as much time to clean up after the glue session as it did to do the actual gluing!  Remember that kid in kindergarten who always got glue in her hair?  Um, that would be me!  Half a century (plus!) later and nothing has changed.  LOL!

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