Monday, May 20, 2013

A Day at the Dressmaker

More like three or four, actually.  But the doll is now clothed and quite well, if I say so myself!


Unless I am using a pattern, I tend to follow the same steps a (human) clothing designer might follow.  It starts with draping – paper towel in this case.  One trick I use that I hope a real designer would not is to stick a pin into the body at center and side seams.  Ouch!


Sometimes it takes multiple test fittings to get it just right.  You can see here where I am fine tuning the curve over the shoulder.


Once I’ve got something I think will work, I transfer it to paper.  I’ll add seam allowances and grain lines, as well as mark centers or darts.  That way if I want to make this garment again, I’ll have a starting point.  Now we are ready for fabric!


For some items, however, it needs to be plain muslin first.  On the skirt I wanted to test the drapability and also take a practice run at the ruffled seams.  No need to cut into the actual fabric until I’ve answered all my questions.  But I think we are ready at last!



What do you think?  Was it worth all those fittings?  If you’ve seen this year’s Hoffman Challenge fabric, you’ll recognize where this doll will be heading.  After she gets a few more things, of course.  Like – oh, arms maybe – and a head!  That’s coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I wish I could do that with the granddaughters' dolls. I just try using patterns I've bought and adjust. Can't wait to see her done ... If you can post a photo that is.
Sheila Fernkopf

Annie said...

Spectacular dress! Love those ruffled seams and that surprise low cut back. She's a winner in my book!

Anonymous said...

Love those ruffled seams ... will be nice to see her when she has her face on!