Sunday, May 19, 2013

Serendipity Sunday–Darling Dahlias

Today’s flower is a dahlia and I couldn’t resist borrowing the title of Susan Wittig Albert’s books for this post (I hope she won’t mind!).


The process was fairly simple – just stitching zig zags along a length of folded fabric.  When the thread was pulled up, it became this:


I’m soooo glad I decided not to make the full projects in this book, because that would have required me to do this six times . . . on about 57” of fabric each!  With my short attention span I could not have made it in one sitting!


This is what the base of the flower looks like.  I added just a bit of stuffing and moved it out into the petals.  Things go together much easier when the center is flatter.


Here it is – one flower and one bud.  Looks good.


And here it is pinned up with the roses.  Looks even better!  I may have to make a vase full of a mixed bouquet one of these days.  And yet another flower is on the schedule for next week.  I wonder what it will be.

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