Sunday, May 5, 2013

Serendipity Sunday–But Not So Much

P4210002Continuing with this book I started preparing to make the second flower project.  I started with the layout of stems and leaves that will support this week’s flower – roses.


I also prepared and cut the fabric for the flowers.


Building the vase was fun.  I used some hand-dyed fabric I got from Vicki Welsh and some more of the gold print used in last week’s vase.  The vase is all assembled and tack-fused on release paper – a favorite Chicago School of Fusing technique.


As I zigzagged around all the leaves I had some time to think.  Sometimes it’s good to do a simple, mindless task and let your mind wander.  Sometimes it’s a dangerous thing, too, but we won’t go into that just now!

Anyhoo . . . .

It occurred to me that there is a lot of preparation for each of the projects in this book and one afternoon really is not enough time to finish.  So I asked myself what I’m really hoping to accomplish.  Especially in regard to Serendipity Sunday. 

Serendipity is defined (by Wikipedia) as “the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it.” I began these Sunday posts as an exploration of new and/or different techniques, choosing books from my craft library as guides.  Taking an adventure through the resources I’ve been collecting over the years and hoping to find some good/useful things along the way.

And I realized that, while enjoyable in themselves, fusing vases and zigzag stitching leaves is not at all different or new!  What a surprise!  LOL!  What I really want from this book is to learn some new flower making techniques. 

Therefore . . . .

Next week I will concentrate on actually making roses!  And in the following weeks I will go directly into constructing the flowers for each of the remaining projects.  I will focus on completing at least one of each flower – more if time allows.  The backgrounds, leaves, and vases can be completed at another time. 

Maybe someday when I’m caught up with all my other projects!

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Anonymous said...

This will be a lovely quilt when ever it is finished. I have a lot of books which have taught me new stuff ... and I really must weed out those which just repeat what I already know.