Sunday, May 12, 2013

Serendipity Sunday–Coming Up Roses

Like roses usually are in the Spring, these roses are mostly buds. 


These buds are made by simply folding a square – very similar to some of the folded inserts from earlier experiments.  But I did catch one rose in full bloom!


I thought photographing against that yellow would show the red details better.  Looks like it overwhelmed it instead.  Perhaps it’s just as well, since I’m not quite satisfied with this yet.  The directions call for stuffing petals ‘lightly’ – something which apparently I cannot do!  I guess I’ve worked so much to learn to stuff doll parts full and hard that I’ve lost the light touch!  I’ve still got two more roses to stuff, so will try to keep it in mind.


Here is the bloom and a bud pinned against the leaves – a better photo but farther away.

About there only being one bloom today . . . as is usual for me, I decided to make some adjustments to the patterns and one of those was to reduce the size.  These are at about 65%.  Since some of the pieces are small to begin with, I had quite a time working with teensy bits and some of what should have gone quickly on a sewing machine had to be done by hand.  My bright ideas have a way of rebounding sometimes!  That’s me over in the corner.  The one with the black eye.  LOL!

Next week I’ll try another flower.  Maybe I’ll stick to the directions as written.  What do you think?

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Now these could get really interesting!