Saturday, July 27, 2013

If It’s Not One Thing . . .

It is definitely something else! 

I suppose someone (anyone?) has noticed I’ve been really quiet this week – blog-wise, anyway.  You see, there have been camera issues.

I have a little Olympus Stylus 810 that I love.  It’s accurate, small, and (most important!) I’ve spent a fair amount of time learning to use its features.  We get along fine, my Olympus and I.  Except . . .

I’ve noticed lately that the battery was not holding a charge for very long.  And then I started having trouble with the focus.  In fact, it was turning out terrible pictures!  So we decided it was time to order new batteries.

In the meantime, I started using Sarge’s Sony Cybershot.  It is bigger and (most important!) I have not had the time/opportunity to learn how to use it properly.  So the photos I’ve taken over the last couple of weeks have been – well – less than stellar.

I found that it is amazing at long distance shots:



and does a really nice zoom as well:


But when it comes to indoors and close up – not so good:



And of course there are the hazards of juggling the larger camera while trying to hold onto purse, water bottle, tickets, etc:


Definitely operator error (sigh!).

I’m happy to report, however, that a new battery has been charged up and my Olympus is happily taking lovely pictures again.  So we are back to business as usual.

Well, almost.  Now I can’t find the cable to upload the pictures to the computer!  Aaaaargh!

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