Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday WOW–July 10

Like most Wednesdays, I spent today at the local quilt shop.


I can hear you thinking, “that doesn’t look like a Disney Princess.”  You’re right, this week I worked on the Block of the Month, called Moxie Girl.


This project uses a combination of foundation paper piecing (fpp) and english paper piecing (epp).  These blocks will be made up of hexagons. 


I was hoping to get the FPP done today, but didn’t quite make it.  I’m close, though, so I’ll finish up tomorrow.  I have one hexie stitched and trimmed so you (and I!) can see what they’ll look like.  Let’s take a closer look . . .


See those pretty points?  THAT’s why I love foundation paper piecing!

Once I have the FPP part done, I can do all the EPP – joining the hexies – as hand work.  We have a road trip planned for next week and I’m hoping to get a lot of them done while riding in the car.

Speaking of the road trip – I will not be home to post Wednesday WOW next week.  I may try to post something from South Dakota, but past experience has not been very successful doing that. 

So come back in two weeks – July 24 – to see what I’ve been getting up to.

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Gina E. said...

Lots of interesting work there, Liz. But this post made me think of other things. In the first photo you can see the multi-powercord thingy in the back ground and I had a little laugh to myself as I remembered that saying 'It's the best thing since icecream/sliced bread' (or whatever). We all take these little inventions for granted, but whatever did we do without those power boards? Especially when you look under the desk where computers are..
The other thing that made me smile was your mention of your trip to South Dakota. I spent a few days there with my first hubby during our stay in the US many years ago, and the scenery was spectacular. Will you be posting some photos when you come back?
(Sorry this is so long!)