Sunday, August 4, 2013

Serendipity Sunday–Framboise

This week’s flower had me confused on several levels.

First of all, the name sounds quite exotic, but I found that it is simply the French word for ‘raspberry!’  Scientifically, it encompasses the genus rubus, which consists of literally hundreds of species.  I had quite a time finding a picture of the flower that resembles today’s fabric version!


The center of the flower is represented by this piece of gathered ribbon.  As usually happens with my crafting I do not have the exact supply specified in the book, so my substitutions may or may not come out looking as the author intended!  But, I just run with it.


The center is stitched onto a circle and the circle is folded.  Another opportunity for confusion!  Most of the previous flowers have had precise measurements for folding, but not this one.  So I eyeballed it according to the drawing.


Actually, I think I did each of the three flowers differently!  I’m not even sure what is different, although I can see that the one on the left is markedly so.  Hmmm.

I tried for a couple of buds . . . which did not go very well at all, so no photos at this time!  I tried several ways of manipulating the ribbon to make a budlet like the picture in the book, but both of mine really look the worse for wear.  I will have to try again on a day when I am feeling refreshed and fearless!


Here is today’s results.  They don’t look half bad against that yellow background, do they?  I will need to add stems and leaves when it comes time to put the Summer piece together.

Speaking of putting together a piece . . .


“Botanic Gardens: Spring” is finished!  Er, almost.  I believe I need  some leaves in the lower left corner to balance a bit better.  But, the background has been quilted and all the leaves and flowers are stitched down.  I will leave it pinned to the ‘design wall’ as inspiration while working on Summer.


Gina E. said...

LOVE IT!!! Had to be in capital letters to accentuate my enthusiasm for this project!

Anonymous said...

Yes, needs something in that bottom corner, then there will be two of us shouting at you!