Friday, August 23, 2013

The *Other* Worktable

If you have been following my Wednesday WOW posts, you might think that all I am doing lately is quilting.  Not so!  And to prove it, here are some of the other projects I’ve been working on:


This is one of the two paperclay dolls I have been working on from an online class I took.  I started painting the skin today. 


This is the first head I made for that body.  It turned out to be too big, but I will make a body some day that will fit perfectly!


This is the other body from the same class.  Meet Noey and Buster.  Noey’s body is paperclay, but the head is polymer clay.  It was made in another online class!


Here’s a closer view of the head. . . .


and of the – erm – dog on her lap.  He’s needlefelted and is the result of one of our doll club projects a year or so ago.


This is the little paperclay dragon I’ve shown before.  Each time I am in the studio I add a little bit here and tweak a little bit there.  He still needs a tail, but is coming along nicely – if slowly!


And just to add a little variety, this is made of wood!  I started learning to carve wood a couple of years ago, but got distracted at some point and then lost interest.  I knew I would come back to it some day.  I do have a lot to learn yet, but there just might be some potential.  I don’t know what prompted me to start carving on this figure again.  I’m not promising to finish it yet, either!

Before you start marveling at how much work I get done, I should mention that I took the paperclay class two months ago!  And the polymer clay class was four months ago – and I still haven’t done the last lesson.  I think I got the first one finished because I was running out of room on the worktable!

By the way, all the classes I’ve been taking online have been from A for Artistic.  There’s an ongoing wealth of doll classes and an impressive list of teachers.  Even if you are not interested in taking a doll class, go for some great eye-candy!

So there you have it.  Quilting?  That has been pushed aside to one day a week!  No wonder it’s taking forever to get any done.

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