Sunday, August 25, 2013

Serendipity Sunday–Lantern Flower


This week’s flower goes by several names, but in Japanese it is called Hozuki.  It’s also a flower that I have actually seen in real life (although I can’t remember where!) and the red lantern-shaped “flower” is actually the outer husk of the plant’s fruit.  (Click on the picture to read more.)


Unlike most of the flowers in this book, which begin with circles or hexagons, this one begins with a square.


The square is then folded and stitched,


and folded and stitched again,


to make a pod-like structure which looks very pretty alone


or in a group.  By the time I reached the fifth flower, I was breezing through the steps. 


These will be very striking with long stems and some leaves appliqued behind them. 


The Summer garden is filling up quickly.  I think there is one more flower before we move on to Autumn.  I guess I need to start planning the layout and cutting leaves.  Soon, anyway.

I could make some kind of philosophical observation about the changing seasons, here, but that requires Deep Thinking and makes my head hurt.  Reading it might be painful as well, so I’ll spare you!

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