Sunday, September 8, 2013

Serendipity Sunday–Calceolaria

This one is completely new to me!  A South American plant, it is also known as Lady’s Purse, slipper flower, or slipperwort.  Also, the fabric version really looks a lot like the real thing!

As with so many of the flowers in this book, I start with a circle.


Then proceed with a little folding and a little stitching.


Before you know it, there is a Lady’s Purse.


Doesn’t it look just like a purse?  All it needs are handles!


The leaves gave me a bit of trouble, but that’s probably because I am not using silk ribbon.  The cheapo, organza type has a completely different look and feel.


By the way, that is really three shades of green!  Sometimes the camera has it’s own ideas about color no matter what I do!


Well, here it is – the first flower of Autumn.  In the US, the calendar says we are approaching autumn, but the weather is saying something else!  It’s HOT!  But I can think about cooler evenings while I work on these flowers.

I wonder what flower will be next.

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I like them!