Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Goal Review #7

 j0379893 My goodness, this year is flying by!  Sometimes I wonder what I have to show for it.  But then, it comes time for a review and I can see that I've been keeping busy - and actually accomplishing some things!

Previously, I've plunged right into the goals themselves.  It has been a few months since I stated (or re-stated) the target statement.  As the year slides towards an end this might be a good time to look at that.

Target:  Develop my creativity and identify areas for further exploration.

So, how am I doing?

Goal 1: Use my "stash" and develop my creativity. P9160005

I'm feeling pretty good about this 0ne.  Sure, I'm still buying  fabric (!), but I'm using up quite a bit of stash.  And I am trying out different ideas.  My studio journal is almost filled up with inspirations, along with notes on how I could do some of these things myself.  I've been doing some simple quilt designs using Quilt Wizard which is kind of a baby Electric Quilt.  You'll be seeing some of that before long.

previewGoal 2: Take It Further challenge.

Still struggling with the timelines, but managing to keep up most of the time.  I seem to have more trouble finding time to do hand work, so those pieces that call for embroidery are always late!  I'm working on it!  October's is coming along nicely so far.

Goal 3: Make Dolls.fall dolls

Alright!  I have some really cool ideas for dolls that are clamoring  to be let out of my brain.  The ideas were a bit slow coming for awhile there.  You have seen 51yiIm-jQiL__SS500_the Bob Hope and Witchy Poo and I hope that this next period will have lots of eye candy!  I bought Ray Slater's new doll  book and really love the way she has manipulated the fabric.  Gotta try that!

Goal 4: Classes and groups.

My membership is Stitchin' Fingers has resulted in several swaps.  I just received a postcard from the Netherlands!  I feel like I am making a lot of new friends - even if I never meet them face to journals-Oct face.  We can still exchange ideas and encouragement.  To keep from spending my whole life on the internet, I joined the local quilt guild last month, too.  I'm enjoying the More Journals class with Sue B and definitely feel like things are being accomplished.  Oh yeah.  One of these days I will get back to the Hatmaking class.  Yes I will.

Goal 5: Review.

Oh boy, I know I wouldn't be doing nearly as well without these reviews!  And now there is just one more 6-week review, followed by a look back over the whole year.  Can you believe it?  Next review scheduled for November 18 - or thereabouts.

OK, that takes care of one obligation.  Now it's time for play!!

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