Sunday, October 5, 2008

Order from Chaos?

Here is my September Take It Further piece:


Sharon gave us the topic LISTS for this month.  She had several things to say about lists, but I particularly liked this statement:

"There is a something in a list that makes us feel secure. They almost substitute for a plan as the present a direction to work in and we feel we know where we are going with something."

As I thought about how I use lists - and believe me, I USE lists!! - one line of thinking led me to ask Why?  I mean, some types of lists are pretty obvious and universally utilized.  Grocery lists, Christmas card lists, that sort of thing.  But someone like me . . . well, let's just say I go way beyond those!  So, Sharon's remark about security sounds like it is getting close.

listlistSo I sat down to capture my thoughts.  I started writing down the kinds of lists I find in my files, in my day planner, on my table tops, etc.  I wrote . . . a List List!

I won't bore you with the rest of the thinking process.  Sarge claims there isn't one anyway, but we ignore those kind of remarks!  What I decided is that my lists are an attempt to bring Order to the Chaos of my life. 



I started by stitching down some torn fabric pieces to a background and free motion stitched using several different threads.  Here is what the back looks like.  Now THERE is a picture of Chaos!

detailThen I scanned my list and printed it onto fabric and stitched it to Chaos as if it were emerging from the whirlwind.  I had a great time with my new Bernina Stitch Regulator!  Uh, kinda went nuts, you know?

Well, there it is.  Not too late, either!  Of course, I am still working on the August TIF and now I need to start on October's.  Work, work, work.  It's just never done! ;-)


Anonymous said...

well done. order from chaos indeed. looks like you are having fun with your new machine

Orice said...

Fan-tabuolously clever! Love it!