Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween is A-Comin'

Although I don't usually "celebrate" Halloween, I am fascinated by all the decorations and spooky things that crop up this time of year.  We don't need to get into why I don't join in - that would involve Deep Thinking! - but I will show you what I have done this year.

 witchypoo Last month I showed you the witches my doll club created from water bottles.  My little Witchy Poo has been finished up and embellished.  She actually looks fairly benevolent.  Maybe not a Good Witch, but not totally Evil either.  Sort of a SoSo Witch?

PA150012 She also serves as my October challenge piece for Stitchin' Fingers Cloth Doll group.  Each month, one of the members posts a theme and we can create as simple or elaborate a doll as we like and share the pictures with the group.  Nothing complicated or stressful.  Just a good excuse to show what you have done and get some feedback.  Love the feedback!

Speaking of feedback.  Be sure to leave a comment here to be entered into my Blogiversary Giveaway.  This is post number 97!

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